2020 Event cancelled due to Coronavirus

While we had originally planned to downscale the event and believed we could operate the event safely, the government has made it quite clear than fresh air is no immunity to the transmission of coronavirus and therefore it would be irresponsible to hold the event in any capacity. We are therefore cancelling Henham Park Festival of Running 2020.

Please note that the views and arrangements made at this event are the decisions of Festival of Running Ltd and do not represent the views and opinions of Henham Park owners or staff members. 

  • Refunds

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds to people who have bought running event tickets except in case-specific circumstances

The reason we are not offering refunds is because our business runs to tight margins and has incurred many costs in the planning and marketing of this event already. To give everyone their money back would mean we would not be able to continue to trade and the business would likely slip into administration. This would, of course, have a knock-on effect on many of our independent local suppliers who depend on income from events such as ours. These event suppliers will, of course, be struggling to stay afloat during this lock-down.

The coronavirus will affect and, no doubt, bankrupt many businesses before the epidemic passes and we ask for our customers’ understanding in this unique period so that we might avoid becoming one of them.

However, with the money we have saved on not having ordered certain infrastructure for the event, we are offering a series of hardship grants to people in our communities who are most severely financially affected by the virus. If you or someone you know in the Norfolk and Suffolk area has lost their job or had their business decimated by the outbreak, we would ask you to follow the instructions on this page to apply for one of our grants

If, however, you are put in a position of financial hardship by the economic impact of the coronavirus and require your ticket refund as a matter of financial survival, please get in touch regarding a grant or case-specific refund. 

  • Shouldn’t the event be postponed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to postpone the event for 2020. Securing a date to hold a venue-wide running festival on this scale in one of the most popular wedding venues in the Eastern region is difficult and requires negotiation with a number of parties. We are grateful to the Henham Park owners for allowing us to hold this event in the first place and negotiating another date for 2020 would be impossible. 

We also do not know how long the lockdown will go on for and so to arrange another date for it then to be cancelled anyway would incur more costs and waste more time. Cancellation is our prudent decision. 

  • can i get A medal?

Yes. We will soon be receiving our delivery of hand-painted medals and we will be sending these out to runners who signed up in exchange for pictures of runners out exercising, or completing indoor exercises. 

We will not be assessing distances run or times completed. Simply send us a message with an image of your workout and an address to send the medal to and we'll post it.

  • Will I get my T-shirt?

Yes. If you have ordered a t-shirt, we will aim to send this to you in the post or deliver it to your house if you live locally. We will email everyone who has ordered a t-shirt asking them for their address so that we can make this possible. 

We know this is unlikely but we have hundreds of t-shirts available still so if you would like to order one, please do so via our website and we will post it to you. 

  • What happens to Event profits?

We want to make absolutely clear that the organisers of Henham Park Festival of Running will make no profits from this event and any unspent money will be offered to people in our community who are most severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak via our hardship grants scheme. Visit our grants scheme page to find out more. 

We will also be sticking to our commitment to our charity, Norfolk and Waveney Mind, by supporting them as best as we can under the circumstances.

If you have any other questions about the event, please send your queries through to contact@henhamrunningfestival.co.uk

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