Hardship Grants scheme - supporting those most in need

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, tradespeople, hospitality workers and thousands of other sectors have been hugely impacted. We support the government's efforts to finance people who have lost income, however, we also recognise that people need money now, which is why we are introducing our hardship grants scheme. 

What are the hardship grants?

Our grants are small amounts of money to help tide people over in the immediate term. We will be distributing amounts of £80 to applicants. We recognise this money won't change anyone's life. But it will put food on the table for a couple of weeks which many people will struggle to do as the coronavirus takes away their income, a situation we know some people are already in, as the lock-down continues. 

HOw are the grants paid for?

The grants are paid for out of the money runners paid for their tickets to Henham Park Festival of Running 2020. We've since had to cancel the event and cannot offer refunds because we've already incurred several costs which means the money simply isn't there. However, with the money we do have, we'd like to support people in our community who most need it. 

How Difficult is it to apply? 

It's very simple to apply for a hardship grant. We ask you to simply send an email to contact@henhamrunningfestival.co.uk explaining why you need the money and how the virus has affected you personally. Include your bank account number, sort code and name in the email. Our team will read all applications and quickly and efficiently send out payments of £80 to the people we judge to be most in need of our support. 

Do i need to be a runner to apply?

No. We are making these grants available to everyone in Norfolk and Suffolk who have been affected. At a time when the community is struggling to deal with this deadly epidemic, we want to do what we can to help everyone.

How will you verify people's applications?

In short, we won't. We are great believers in the idea that the best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them. We therefore ask people to only apply for the grants if they are in real need of the money, as we know so many people are. 

I signed up and I really want a refund

If you signed up to Henham Park Festival of Running 2020 and are dissatisfied with our refunds policy and decision to use the only money we have to support those who most need it, please get in touch with us at contact@henhamrunningfestival.co.uk as we may be able to offer case-specific refunds to those who really need the money. Alternatively, we invite you to apply for a grant. 

Remember you can still take part in Henham Park Festival of Running 2020 by exercising safely and sending in your images or results. We'll then send you your medal!