Wildlife and Nature

One of this course's greatest appeals is the chance to run amid various wildlife and stunning natural features. Here's what you'll be likely to see on your run.


Henham Park is home to flocks of sheep who laze and graze freely around the estate. The courses meander around areas where sheep will be in full view of runners, though they will be kept well clear of the track by our team of marshals and low fencing where necessary so as not interfere with your time. Ewe'd be very unlikely to bump into one!

The grounds are home to hundreds of different species of deciduous and evergreen trees, spread out around the grounds and across the course. The courses run through tranquil glades, past the fishing lake, over grassy plains and through tree-lined runs. 


Other Wildlife


As you run round the park, you'll see a range of birds, woodland animals and other wildlife which has been allowed to blossom naturally in this beautiful rural estate.

Terms and Conditions

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Wildlife and Nature

One of Henham Park's biggest appeals is the chance to run surrounded by trees, animals and water.


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