Sports Massage

Soft tissue therapists, Sarah and Bridget along with a team of experienced massage therapists, were on hand at the race to offer sports massages in exchange for voluntary donations to Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind. 

Thank you to those who received soft tissue massages from experienced professionals in exchange for a small donation, 100% of which goes to our charity, Norwich and Central Norfolk Mind. 

Sarah Maidment


Based, in Halesworth, Sarah Maidment provides high quality soft tissue massages in the North Suffolk and South Norfolk area. As a keen runner herself, Sarah regularly takes part in local road and trail races and is part of the Bungay Black Dog running club. Click here to visit her Facebook page to find out more about Sarah's massage services.

Bridget READ


Bridget is an experienced sports massage therapist and, with Sarah, has provided sports massage for runners in races all around the East of England. Bridget is based in Ipswich and is also very sporty herself, taking part in a number of different running races. Click here to visit her Facebook page to find our more about Bridget's massage services.

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Wildlife and Nature

One of Henham Park's biggest appeals is the chance to run surrounded by trees, animals and water.


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