Our Environmental Commitment

We all have an increasing responsibility to make sure we are living in a way that has the least harmful impact on the health of our planet, that’s why Henham Park Festival of Running is committing to the following environmental policies for a cleaner, greener event in the great outdoors.

Plastic Bottles

We won’t be supplying disposable, single-use plastic bottles at the Henham Park Festival of Running in order to cut down on event’s use of plastics. Instead, our cups will be made from Vegware, a completely biodegradable material made from plants.  

Recyclable Packaging
We’ve made it a requirement for all of the food vendors appearing at the event to serve customers in fully recyclable packaging, to make sure we aren’t throwing away plastic cutlery and other non-recyclable waste.

Recycling Points

At Henham Park Festival of Running there will be recycling points everywhere to dispose of whatever you buy on site. This is part of our commitment to making the event sustainable and raising awareness on the importance of recycling.


We're encouraging all of our participants to bring their own reusable bottles to fill up on the day.