Volunteer information

Thank you for committing your time to volunteer at the first ever Henham Park Festival of Running on May 12th this year – we appreciate your time and could not do it without your support.

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  • Volunteers should arrive for briefing at 08.30am at the Festival Ring, next to the stage. Enter the park using the Suppliers' Entrance, as detailed below, and you will be directed to the volunteers' car park. 

  • 10k and 5k races begin at 12pm, midday. While the 1k Fun Run begins at 2pm approximately. The festival will close around 4pm.

  • You will be assigned a role with clear timings and instructions. Please read the spreadsheet which is sent to you and uploaded onto this page a week before the festival so that you are familiar with where to be and when.

Key Information:

When do I need to arrive?
Volunteers must be at Henham Park for 8.30am on Sunday May 12th and should meet at the Festival Ring by the stage for briefing. Here you’ll receive specific instructions about your role, where you need to be and when.


Where do I need to go?
Volunteers should use the Suppliers Entrance to Henham Park, which is off the A145, opposite the Halesworth junction. Please see the map below for details of where to go. You should drive through the archway and along the track, where you’ll be directed to the supplier parking spaces by a member of the team.​

Suppliers Entrance Map.png

What you’ll get for your support:
As a small token of our appreciation for your time, everyone who comes along to help out will receive two food and drinks tokens which can be exchanged with our food vendors for a meal and a drink from either the bar or the coffee shop. All of our volunteers will also receive a free technical running t-shirt.


What jobs are there?
There are a number of jobs for volunteers at Henham Park Festival of Running and the following are the main three areas where volunteers will be posted:


  • Course Marshalls:
    The majority of volunteers will be Course Marshalls. For volunteers this means you will be stationed at a designated point on the course and responsible for ensuring runners go the right way and cheering them on as they complete their distance. Course Marshalls are expected to be enthusiastic and positive at all times and must be in place at least 30 minutes before the races begin at 12pm.

    Each of the designated Marshall locations will be clearly marked so if you are a course Marshall on the day, your place will correspond to a clearly marked spot on the course. 

  • Registration & Bag Drop:
    We will have a number of volunteers manning the registration table and tent. These people are tasked with handing runners their numbers, course map and t-shirt, for those who have bought one. Runners are expected to present their confirmation email at the registration tent on the day whereby registration volunteers can tick them off of the list as they hand over the information.

    The registration is also the place where runners can leave their bags to be collected after they have finished their race. When registration closes, most registration volunteers will be moved to a different area of the course to marshall the race.

  • Car Park Assistant:
    A number of volunteers will be asked to monitor the car park, this means directing cars from the A12 entrance, where participants have been asked to go to, across the main field into rows of two which allow cars to easily get in and out when they are due to leave. Most car park assistants will be moved to a different area of the park once registration closes and the races begin.

If you have any questions about the event, please do not hesitate to get in contact by email at contact@henhamrunningfestival.co.uk or call or text Marketing Coordinator, Gareth Samuel, on 07428013659